Electricity Garden, 2014 , Silk printing ceramic tiles, 197’’ x 150’’   
Electricity Garden sketch
Aerial photograph of the garden
Electricity Garden

The Sharon Garden (also known as Electricity Garden) is located between three streets in Tel Aviv, called Levontin, Barzilai, and Ha’chashmal (Hebrew forElectricity). Inside this small garden there are many facilities: an underground parking lot, public bomb shelter, multi-levelled spaces, intertwined paths, and more. This garden marks the border between the Newe Shaanan neighborhood typically considered an area of low socio-economic level, and the satiated neighborhoods skirting bourgeois Rothschild Boulevard. Residents of the area and those who work there often pass through the garden, but rarely spend time there.

 A large scale map will be posted on one of the garden’s walls. Detailed and inviting, the map encourages viewers to wander and go astray in the garden, and rediscover it. Providing an aerial view of the garden, it resembles orientation maps found in amusement parks, zoos, and historical sites. It will attract the attention of the visitors, raising awareness to some of its hidden corners that have been long forgotten.

Electricity Garden
Electricity Garden
Electricity Garden
Electricity Garden
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